Java Version Almanac

The information below presents data on Java 1.4, made available by Marc R. Hoffmann, from, provided under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Java versions:

Java 1.4

version: 1.4 Release date: EOL date: bytecode: 48.0
Documentation: api
Distro TCK 1 Vendor License Platforms
Oracle JDK Oracle Commercial
  • linux-x86
  • linux-amd64
  • solaris-amd64
  • solaris-sparc
  • solaris-sparcv9
  • solaris-x86
  • windows-x64
  1. Technology Compatibility Kit

New Features



New APIs

Compare to Java:
base: version: 1.4 build 1.4.2_30
target version: 1.3 build