What’s New in JavaFX 15?

A couple of weeks ago, JavaFX version 15 was released.

These are some of the highlights we’ve selected for you to understand its scope.

– JavaFX now has 3D support for the newer Intel graphics drivers on Linux,

– Support for e-paper displays on i.MX6 devices was added,

– FX scripting support was enhanced.

Bruno Lowagie
  • Beginning JavaFX Applications with IntelliJ IDE

    This article is for the beginner who wants to get started developing JavaFX applications using IntelliJ IDE.

    While this article may seem elementary for some, I believe it can help newcomers to the JavaFX platform avoid some pitfalls and really hit the ground running.

    Carl Dea
  • Installing Java and JavaFX on the Raspberry Pi

    One of the most read articles on my blog is about the installation of a recent Java on Raspberry Pi (March 13, 2019).

    Disclaimer: this article is only valid for Raspberry Pi’s with an ARMv7 or ARMv8 processor. In the Raspberry Pi specifications table on Wikipedia, you get a clear overview of the Pi-types with this processor:

    – Model A+, version 3
    – Model B, version 2, 3 and 4
    – Compute Module, version 3

    Frank Delporte
  • A JavaFX App on ZuluFX in 60 Seconds

    Learn how to use a popular distribution from Azul to build a JavaFX HelloWorld Application in 60 seconds!

    I’m not sure if you’ll taken more than 60 seconds to complete the steps, but assuming your environment is setup and the JDK 11+ and JavaFX is installed you should be able to cut and paste the code in seconds.

    Carl Dea

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