Works with OpenJDK

OpenJDK powers millions of applications and services around the globe. The OpenJDK project is where Java is developed and maintained, and provides the reference implementation for Java SE specifications. A multitude of reputable, compatible, and interchangeable OpenJDK distributions are available to power Java applications that work with OpenJDK.

Use the "Works with OpenJDK" badge to indicate that your project, library, application, or service is known to work with OpenJDK. Or uses OpenJDK. Or is tested on OpenJDK. Or is generally happy with or likes OpenJDK.

Let's celebrate OpenJDK!

To join in with this campaign to celebrate OpenJDK, badges are found at Foojay's GitHub.

And here, for example, is an img tag to be added to the top of the of GitHub projects—or any other place, such as Java technology websites and Java User Group meetup announcements—that work with OpenJDK:

<a href="">
   <img align="right" 

Join in too and let the world know that you work with OpenJDK!

OpenJDK is a registered trademark of Oracle America, Inc.

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