Author: Anton Epple

Anton Epple

Anton is a consultant worldwide for a wide variety of companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, in many areas, including finance institutions, automotive and aerospace. In 2013 he joined the Java Champions and received a JavaONE Rockstar Award. In 2014 he received a Duke's Choice Award for his work on DukeScript. He’s an Apache committer for the NetBeans project. In 2019 he cofounded Smart Access Solutions a company focused on cloud based access right management.

  • Getting Started with Babel for Java

    frgaal ( is a retrofitting compiler for Java that helps you with these situations. It allows you to use modern and even experimental features while still keeping compatibility with your target runtime.

    Based on the name of a Czech cake, and pronounced a bit like “frugal”, targets all those developers who are stuck with a runtime that doesn’t support modern language features.

    Anton Epple
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