Advisory Board

Together, the organizations below make up the Foojay Advisory Board, holding periodic meetings on Foojay’s roadmap and direction. Java technology organizations actively contributing content to Foojay are welcome to join the Foojay Advisory Board.

  • Azul

    Azul is the world’s only company exclusively focused on Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Founded in 2002, we are a private software company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with additional Sales, Support, and Engineering locations worldwide.

    «With Foojay, we finally have what so many of us in the Java ecosystem have wanted and needed for a very long time: a community-driven vendor neutral portal for all things Java.

    Foojay is your Java dashboard where you go to every day for the latest and greatest information on Java and the OpenJDK, with tips, tricks, and insights into every area of Java, a place of learning for newbies to the Java world and a place where snippets of curated code content is provided to the benefit of everyone.»

    Geertjan Wielenga, Senior Director of Open Source Projects at Azul
  • Datadog

    Datadog is the essential monitoring platform for cloud applications. We bring together data from servers, containers, databases, and third-party services to make your stack entirely observable. These capabilities help DevOps teams avoid downtime, resolve performance issues, and ensure customers are getting the best user experience.

    «Foojay is a great initiative to provide a focal point for all things OpenJDK!»

    Marcus Hirt, Director of Engineering at Datadog
  • DataStax

    DataStax is a hybrid database-as-a-service built on Apache Cassandra™. Over 450 data-driven enterprises use DataStax to grow their business with data.

    «Java powers some of the largest, most important infrastructure on Internet. At DataStax, we not only try to enable Java developers who are building the future, we are heavy users ourselves as we contribute our efforts to Apache Cassandra™.

    Having a single resource for everything OpenJDK is much needed and we’re very happy to support this effort. Our large and diverse community needs a gathering place and resources for experienced and new users alike. This is going to let us do less searching for information and more coding!»

    Pieter Humphrey, Developer Product Manager at DataStax
  • Gluon

    Gluon enables the Java client-enterprise, by making sure that applications created with Java and JavaFX can be deployed to all kinds of client devices, including desktop, mobile, and embedded, and by providing an easy way to link those client applications with enterprise and Cloud systems.

    «The IT landscape is growing at a fast pace. The Java language and the Java platform are very applicable to a large number of areas inside this landscape, ranging from server and Cloud systems over desktop to mobile and embedded devices.

    It is exciting to see that Foojay covers very different parts of the Java ecosystem and thereby spreads the message that the work done in the larger OpenJDK community is very relevant to many developers, working on server or client technologies, or on both.»

    Johan Vos, Gluon co-founder
  • Hazelcast

    Application performance at scale. Simplified.

    «At Hazelcast, we firmly believe that Open Source is critical for driving community led innovation. Built on Java, this community has been our top ecosystem since founding, and we are very excited to be working to support and grow this key forum for OpenJDK and Java.

    Foojay has become an invaluable resource for developers to keep abreast of the latest with Java and OpenJDK. I learn something every time I visit the site.»

    John DesJardins, Chief Technology Officer, Hazelcast
  • JFrog

    JFrog is the world leader in continuous software release management, providing a unified DevOps platform that enables high release velocity through end-to-end binary traceability, security, and distribution.

    «The 'J' in JFrog stands for Java with a 12+ year history of embracing open source, Java user groups, Java events and the developer community.

    Foojay is an example of the strength of the Java community that is greater than any single company and is composed of active, passionate, and caring individuals who want to share their expertise and help mentor the next generation of developers.

    With the support of JFrog, I am proud to be a member of this community and to continue to grow the knowledge and love of the Java programming language and powerful ecosystem that has evolved around it.»

    Stephen Chin, Head of Developer Relations at JFrog
  • Payara

    Open Source Server Runtimes & Support Stable, Supported, Aggressively compatible software for production & containerized Jakarta EE & Microservices deployments.

    «We like the idea of companies coming together to champion and improve Java and its related technologies. That’s why we’re key contributors to Jakarta EE as Solutions Members of the Eclipse Foundation. We believe vendor-neutral, coordinated collaboration allows us to go much further together and accomplish more than we can on our own.

    We also care about driving innovation in Open Source at a community level: the Payara Platform Community Edition allows developers to experiment with the latest and greatest technologies faster and create innovative, world-class solutions; while the Payara Enterprise Edition ensures stable, supported, and secure software for mission critical operational environments.

    Foojay, as a community-focused, vendor-neutral knowledge sharing platform, aligns perfectly with our ethos. Joining the advisory board was a natural and exciting decision.

    The Payara team will be contributing our expertise to Foojay, particularly around Jakarta EE, Cloud Native Java, and Microservices, as well as using it ourselves to learn and build more opportunities for growth.»

    Steve Millidge, CEO and Founder of Payara
  • Snyk

    Snyk is the platform developers choose to build cloud native applications securely.

    «It’s incredibly important for every ecosystem to have a core location for information to help grow the community and be an educational resource for all developers to use. Java has lacked this core space for many years and I’m really excited to see Foojay’s goals and direction.

    I believe Foojay has the potential to be the central resource for all Java developers. It’s a pleasure to be involved in the project both personally and with the support of Snyk to help make Java developers' applications more secure.»

    Simon Maple, VP Developer Relations & Community

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