Java Quick Start

Is Java your first programming language and do you want to get up and running fast? Or maybe you are already an experienced programmer in another language and want to give Java a try?

Let friends of OpenJDK, i.e., the open source Java development kit that includes the Java programming language, help you get started!

1. Install Java

Let's first check if you already have Java installed. If not, we provide step-by-step instructions for each operating system below.

a. Check Your Java Installation

b. Install Java (Windows)

c. Install Java (Mac OS X)

d. Install Java (Linux)

e. Find Another Java Version

Go here to explore all the topics related to Java installation. Installing Java

2. Get Started

In less than 30 minutes, let's go from choosing an editor to using the latest Java language features.

a. Choosing an Editor (00:01:07)

b. "Hello World!" (00:02:42)

c. Using Arguments and String Arrays (00:02:10)

d. Working with Numbers (00:02:08)

e. If, Then, Else (00:03:14)

f. Enum and Switch (00:02:45)

g. Using Methods (00:02:32)

h. Using Objects (00:04:07)

i. Reading a Text File (00:05:39)

j. Using Streams (00:02:53)

k. What's Next? (00:00:035)

Go here to explore all the topics on getting started with Java. Getting Started

3. Next Steps

You've now absorbed the basics of the Java programming language!

Here are some of the next steps you can take with the knowledge you now have.

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Learn more from on-line tutorials.

Of course, there are many more tutorials online, we made a selection for you.

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