Author: Hamza Belmellouki

Hamza Belmellouki

Hamza (@HamzaLovesJava) is a self-taught developer and Java enthusiast. In his free time, he likes to blog about various technical topics at

  • IntelliJ IDEA: Beyond The Basics

    IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate is the most powerful IDE for JVM developers in the market by now. It has support for various JVM frameworks, complex refactorings, Integration with VCS, and many more.

    Java developers spend a tremendous amount of time in front of their IDEs. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that developers don’t take advantage of IDEA’s powerful features.

    In this article, I’ll talk about some tricks that I use in my day to day job. And show you some best practices that can boost your productivity.

    Hamza Belmellouki
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