Author: Christian Stein

Christian Stein

Christian is an open source software developer who is programming with Java since 1998. He has a passion for automated testing and joined the core JUnit Team in 2017, is an Apache Maven developer, and was granted OpenJDK Author status in 2019. Today, he's building (with) Bach:

  • Modules, Modules, Everywhere!

    Since August 2018, I have been compiling an overview of Java modules uploaded to Maven Central.

    This overview is generated by the Scanner program and it is based on the results of the modulescanner that is run on Sonatypes hardware on every uploaded JAR file and stored in an AWS S3 bucket, setup together with the AdoptOpenJDK team at their #java9plusadoption Slack channel.

    Some of those uploaded JAR files are Java modules. They are the interesting subjects of this overview as they contain a module-info.class, a compiled module descriptor with a stable name and an explicit API their author(s) comitted to.

    Christian Stein
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