Author: Benjamin Muskalla

Benjamin Muskalla

Benny (@bmuskalla) has been following his passion of building tools for improving developer productivity. He has been an active committer of the world-class Eclipse IDE (Platform, Java, Git). Over the years, he spent a lot of time building tools, frameworks, and test approaches to help his peers become more effective. TDD and API design are aspects dear to his heart as well as working on open-source software. Benny currently works for Gradle Inc. on the Gradle Build Tool.

  • Git Archeology

    Most people will start with using “git blame” (or the respective functionality within their IDE/editor).

    But on most non-trivial projects, you usually end up with a refactoring commit, a rename, or a trivial cross-project fix like switching to another assertion library. At first glance, we only see the most recent changes, not the most important ones.

    We need to carefully remove layer by layer of sand and dirt that has been swept over the real changes to unearth them.

    B. Muskalla
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  • Java Syntax Puzzlers

    Working on language-specific tooling exposes you to all kinds of edge cases and delicate details and language has to offer. Some of them are well known and generally seen as “unprofessional” (hello goto). Others are actually not known at all. And with all due respect, I quite enjoy discovering the edge cases of the language syntax – a lot of times to confuse my co-workers who think they know the Java Language Syntax.

    And given I love a good puzzle (especially the Java Puzzles), let’s try a puzzle but using the Java syntax only, without any runtime behavior.

    B. Muskalla
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