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Latest post Book Review: “Seriously Good Software”

Marco Faella’s book “Seriously Good Software” teaches intermediate Java programmers to write better software, using an entirely different approach.

I can warmly recommend this book to Java programmers who have learned to code and strive to code well.

I think it is a particularly rewarding read for computer science students who had several semesters of disjointed knowledge of programming, algorithms, computing systems, and software engineering.

  • Cay Horstmann
July 22, 2021
  • Book Review: “Java by Comparison”

    The book “Java by Comparison” by Simon Harrer, Jörg Lenhard, and Linus Dietz, promises the reader to become a “Java Craftsman” through the study of 70 examples.

    The book is published by The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

    Each “example” is structured as a before-and-after comparison.

    • Cay Horstmann
    June 02, 2021
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