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  • Book Review: “Effortless Cloud-Native App Development Using Skaffold” (2)

    Skaffold is a cloud native open source framework from Google that lets SpringBoot devs build Kubernetes apps easily and deploy effortlessly!

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  • Book Review: “Why Programs Fail”

    The book is about preventing failures, by preventing/lowering bugs. It classifies and organizes the terms we use to define a bug.

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  • Book Review: “Effortless Cloud-Native App Development Using Skaffold”

    There is no better time than the present for a book such as this, which can surely be seen to be some kind of Skaffold Bible.

    The author provides a complete and thorough overview of the central issues faced by users of Kubernetes, presents Skaffold as a solution, highlights its features and pitfalls, while placing it within the context of the broader ecosystem of comparable solutions.

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  • Book Review: “Quarkus for Spring Developers”

    Quarkus for Spring Developers is a straight-forward guide to enable senior developers to quickly shift their Spring skills to leverage the “supersonic subatomic” Quarkus framework, and junior/mid-level developers to learn two frameworks at once.

    The book gets straight to the point of Quarkus’ speed before the first chapter, with the foreword providing a real world testimonial of Quarkus software that many Java developers already use.

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  • Book Review: “Help Your Boss Help You”

    Some books were written to be read once and put aside, others to be read thoroughly several times and then to be placed behind glass to be broken in case of emergency.

    This book is of the latter kind—once you’ve read through it a few times, and dipped into the areas that speak to you most, you want to have it nearby both as a PDF and in hard copy format—as a backup just in case you can’t find that PDF at the crucial moment when you really need to have a response at hand in times of crisis.

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  • Book Review: “Seriously Good Software”

    Marco Faella’s book “Seriously Good Software” teaches intermediate Java programmers to write better software, using an entirely different approach.

    I can warmly recommend this book to Java programmers who have learned to code and strive to code well.

    I think it is a particularly rewarding read for computer science students who had several semesters of disjointed knowledge of programming, algorithms, computing systems, and software engineering.

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  • Book Review: “Java by Comparison”

    The book “Java by Comparison” by Simon Harrer, Jörg Lenhard, and Linus Dietz, promises the reader to become a “Java Craftsman” through the study of 70 examples.

    The book is published by The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

    Each “example” is structured as a before-and-after comparison.

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