Author: Jaroslav Bachorik

Jaroslav Bachorik

Software engineer at DataDog with eminent interest in Java and its performance, management and observability tooling. Long time OpenJDK contributor and co-author and maintainer of BTrace, a dynamic tracing tool for Java.

  • Improved JFR Allocation Profiling in JDK 16

    The introduction of a throughput management mechanism in JFR allows getting fine details about the application behavior without the risk of being overwhelmed by the sheer number of JFR events.

    The results of our preliminary tests of the setups previously completely unable to run with the allocation profiling events turned on are very exciting – JFR with event emission rate controller is able to provide a clear statistical picture of the allocation activity while keeping the recording size at a very manageable level thanks to the limit imposed on the number of captured TLAB events.

    Jaroslav Bachorik
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