Author: Jeff Carpenter

Jeff Carpenter

Developer Relations @ DataStax

  • Stargate: Data Services for the Masses

    I’ve held several roles in my career in IT, ranging from software developer to enterprise architect to developer advocate.

    I’ve always been fascinated by the role that data plays in our applications—putting it into databases, getting it back out quickly, making sure it remains accurate when transferred between systems.

    There’s an ongoing debate over when developers should be required to access data via APIs and when they should be allowed to write their own database queries directly.

    Jeff Carpenter
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  • The Search for a Cloud-Native Database

    A cloud-native database is one that is designed with cloud-native principles in mind, including scalability, elasticity, resiliency, observability, and automation.

    As we’ve seen with Cassandra, automation is often the final milestone to be achieved, but running databases in Kubernetes can actually help us progress toward this goal of automation.

    What’s next in the maturation of cloud-native databases? We’d love to hear your input as we continue to invent the future of this technology together.

    Cedrick Lunven, Jeff Carpenter
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  • Why Kubernetes Is The Best Technology For Running A Cloud-Native Database

    Must a database run on Kubernetes to be considered cloud-native?

    While Kubernetes was originally designed for stateless workloads, recent improvements in Kubernetes such as StatefulSets and persistent volumes have made it possible to run stateful workloads as well. Even longtime DevOps practitioners skeptical of running databases on Kubernetes are beginning to come around, and best practices are starting to emerge.

    Jeff Carpenter
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