Author: Shai Almog

Shai Almog

Developer Advocate at Lightrun. Co-Founder of Codename One. Java Rockstar, Speaker, Author, Blogger, open source hacker and pizza enthusiast

  • The Debugger Checklist (Part II)

    In the Debugger Checklist (Part I), I introduced some of the high level concepts and reviewed some of the common things you can do.

    In this part, we’ll get down to the process. Again, it’s important to stress that this is boiled down and concentrated!

    Shai Almog
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  • The Debugger Checklist (Part I)

    Win at debugging by following an organized process and leveraging the tools you already have!

    We’re going to skip ahead to a point where you have a bug you can reproduce (consistently or otherwise) but you don’t understand or can’t prove the cause.

    Shai Almog
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  • 8 Debugging Tips for IntelliJ IDEA Users You Never Knew Existed

    As developers, we’re all familiar with debuggers. We use debugging tools on a daily basis – they’re an essential part of programming. But let’s be honest. Usually, we only use the breakpoint option. If we’re feeling frisky, we might use a conditional breakpoint.

    But guess what, the IntelliJ IDEA debugger has many powerful and cutting-edge features that are useful for debugging more easily and efficiently.

    Noga Badhav, Shai Almog
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