• Interview with Tom Granot – Developer Observability, KoolKits and Reliability

    In preparation for the upcoming Developer Observability Masterclass we’re hosting at Lightrun with Thoughtworks, RedMonk and JFrog, I sat down for a brief interview with Tom Granot – the Director of Developer Relations at Lightrun. Tom will MC the event …

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  • Debugging the Technical Interview: Methods and Cheating

    Can you cheat in a technical interview? This approach for hiring tuned over decades is how you moneyball hiring and work with great people!

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  • Developer Productivity Masterclass: Interview With Leonid Blouvshtein

    Are the problems startups run into different from the ones experienced by Netflix, Hashicorp and Meta? Learn about increased productivity!

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  • Discussion: State of Java 2021

    A discussion with some great folks in the Java world about the highlights of the Snyk Java Ecosystem report and current developments in Java.

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  • Java in Education: Combining Java with Raspberry Pi and the Pi4J Library

    Although a lot of universities and high schools focus on Python and C# in their program, there are luckily a lot of others who go “full Java”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t want to start a “programming-languages-war”, but Java is the language I used myself more than any other for the last 10 years.

    Setting up a new project or building a proof-of-concept for a new idea, is a matter of hours. And there is always a solution for the problem I need to solve.

    This is probably true for each developer who has enough experience in the language used the most. But having used and experimented with many other languages, I still keep returning to my “one true love”, being Java, as it always delivers the result I’m aiming for, with the right amount of code to be readable, understandable, and testable!

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    • Interviews

    Ken Fogel: “What Are You Leaving Behind?”

    An interview with Ken Fogel, College Instructor, JCP EC member, and Java Champion on the benefits of unit testing, how Dawson approaches internship placement, and the importance of code documentation.

    Ken also talks about how software is about more than just getting things to work, and why it’s important to focus on the longterm impact of coding decisions.

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  • Interviews with Robert Savage and Johan Vos on the State of Java on Raspberry Pi

    Here on, you can find already a long list of articles about Java on the Raspberry Pi.

    As you may know, already I’m a big fan of this combination. The Raspberry Pi on one side is a very cheap computer that allows you to experiment with electronic components thanks to the Pi4J library.

    And on the other hand, JavaFX is the ideal framework to build user interfaces that can directly control these components, all in one application!

    But maybe you don’t have / want to believe me? So let’s ask two experts what they think is the future of #JavaOnRaspberryPi.

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    • Interviews

    Fabiane Bizinella Nardon Talks about Machine Learning and Disruptive Data Science

    I atttended sessions and spoke with Java Champion Fabiane Bizinella Nardon at many JavaOne conferences.

    I remember, in our conversations in the hallways, discussing various entrepreneurial ventures she was working on.

    One of the ideas was Tail Target. Fast forward almost a decade, and Tail Target has truly come to fruition.

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  • Peter Lawrey Talks about Low-Latency, High-Performance Java

    About 7 years ago, I attended a session given by Java Champion Peter Lawrey, leader of Chronical Software, at a JavaOne conference. Since most of my prior development work in the realm of low-latency high-performance was C/C++ software, I was very interested in hearing what Peter might say about how Java addresses this problem.

    I caught up with Peter again recently, and asked him some questions about what’s happened since then, and where we are today. Here are my questions and Peter’s responses.

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  • Interview: Frank Delporte, Foojay Raspberry Pi Community Manager

    Today we’d like to introduce a new community manager for all things Raspberry Pi on foojay: Frank Delporte!

    He’s really curious about what’s already been created with Java on the Raspberry Pi and what we can all learn together from these experiences.

    You can contact him with a direct message on Twitter to discuss further and share articles for publication on foojay:

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    • Interviews

    Interview: Java Command Line Switches

    We’re happy to announce that we’re hosting Chris Newland’s VMOptionsExplorer right here on foojay, providing all details per release on Java command line switches.

    It also shows a diff between the currently selected release and the previous release, showing a tab for the switches that have been added and those that have been removed.

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    • Interviews

    Interview: Java Version Almanac

    From this week, we’re happy to announce that we’re hosting Marc Hoffmann’s Java Version Almanac right here on foojay.

    It provides details per release on OpenJDK distributions, new features, and differences between APIs across releases.

    Let’s also meet Marc. Here’s a quick interview with him about the Java Version Almanac!

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