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Looking For Free Docker Registries

August 24, 2021

Since Docker announced that it would remove unused images from Docker Hub, I've been interested in listing places where I could host mine.

As it's for personal purposes, I'm interested in free plans. Here's what I found:

Provider Private? Monthly limit Details
Storage Transfer
Docker Hub 1
  • Anonymous: 100 pulls / 6 hours
  • Authenticated: 200 pulls / 6 hours
GitLab 10Gb
  • Storage quota is per-project
  • Quota includes all artifacts, including code

GitHub Container Registry is currently in public beta and subject to change. During the beta, storage and bandwidth are free

  • First year only
  • 500Mb storage
  • Anonymous: 500Gb
  • Authenticated: 5Tb
IBM Cloud 500Mb 5Gb

Here are some additional options with their associated pricing model:

Provider Pricing
  • Can be hosted on Google Cloud, AWS or Azure
  • Pricing depends on provider
  • Storage
  • Transfer
  • Storage
  • Build time (?)
  • Monthly subscription
  • Number of private repositories

Originally published at A Java Geek on August 22nd, 2021



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