Async Task Execution in Java

  • Concurrency in Java (and How it Compares with Other Modern Programming Languages)

    This is a multi-part series where I talk about concurrency in modern programming languages and build and benchmark a concurrent web server, inspired by the example from the Rust book, in popular languages like Java, Rust, Go, JavaScript (NodeJS), TypeScript (Deno) and Kotlin to compare concurrency and its performance between these languages/platforms.

    Part 6 is here on, the place for friends of OpenJDK.

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  • Deep Dive Into Multi-Threading in Java

    Multi-threading represents a very intriguing topic, even after years of research and development for high quality, robust, and efficient software. With equal emphasis on hardware improvements and the software that runs on it – we have newer paradigms for parallelism.

    The most important yet basic concepts are the ones which I present here. I then explain the intricacies of multi-threading in the Java programming language. Some of these are newer features and supported only from the Java Platform Standard Edition 5.0. Let us start with a quick overview and understanding of the core concepts.

    Sumith Kumar Puri
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