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  • Basic Java Concepts

    The Java programming language and Java virtual machine (also known as Java runtime environment) provide the tools to write operating system independent applications. A Java application employs the JVM (Java…

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  • Compact Profiles

    Introduced in OpenJDK 8, compact profiles define subsets of the OpenJDK that reduce the static size of the Java runtime on devices that have limited storage capacity. Introduction A compact…

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  • CPU and PSU

    Updating Java has changed. In January 2019, the last public updates (for commercial users) of both Oracle JDK 8 and the Oracle OpenJDK JDK 11 were released. Non-commercial users, for…

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  • Java Champion

    A Java Champion is a recognized leader and visionary in the Java community. Java champions are nominated and voted for inclusion by the community of Java Champions. Requirements for acceptance…

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  • jtreg Test Suites

    jtreg is the test harness for regression and unit testing used by the JDK test framework. For many OpenJDK distributions, the jtreg tests are run in addition to the TCK…

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  • Latency

    Latency is the time between the initiation of a procedure and the completion of the procedure; in other words, how long it takes for something to happen. In the realm…

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  • OpenJDK

    The OpenJDK is an open-source project. It is imperative to understand that the project is only source code. If you want to run a Java application, you will need a…

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  • OpenJDK Coding Guidelines and Code Reviews

    No exhaustive coding guidelines have been published for the OpenJDK project. Sub-components in the OpenJDK come from a variety of sources with their own diverse set of guidelines. An incomplete…

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  • OpenJDK with Visual C++

    OpenJDK Backwards Compatibility with Windows The OpenJDK contributors have been working hard to maintain backwards compatibility of Java 8 on older Windows versions. Windows 7 and Server 2008 have seen…

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  • Security and Vulnerability Management

    Within the OpenJDK project there is group named the OpenJDK Vulnerability Group, which receives and discusses reports about security vulnerabilities in OpenJDK, and which implements and tests fixes for vulnerabilities,…

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  • Technology Compatibility Kit

    The TCK (Technology Compatibility Kit) is the official Java SE test suite, originally developed and licensed by Sun Microsystems, used to test compatibility as well as performance of the JRE/JDK…

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  • Thread Dump

    When you're diagnosing a problem in a Java application, it is advisable to create a thread dump, which is a snapshot of the state of the threads of a Java…

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