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Announcing “Java Unscripted: An Asynchronous Exploration of Excellence”

May 16, 2023


  • A N M Bazlur Rahman

    A N M Bazlur Rahman is a Software Engineer with over a decade of specialized experience in Java and related technologies. His expertise has been formally recognized through the prestigious ... Learn more


Introducing "Java Unscripted," a series featuring interviews with Java industry experts. We aim to inspire and guide new developers with these insights. Interested in participating? Fill out our Interview Participation Form. Let's share your story with our community!

In a rapidly evolving world of technology, insights from industry luminaries can act as a beacon for those looking to navigate the challenging landscape. Over the years, industry leaders have seen the technological landscape transform. As a result, they possess a treasure trove of experiences and insights that can inspire and guide the upcoming generation of professionals. This idea inspired our new interview series, "Java Unscripted: An Asynchronous Exploration of Excellence."

An illuminating example of the rich insights shared in these interviews comes from Geertjan Wielenga. He emphasizes the importance of building deep, specialized knowledge within a specific ecosystem, like Java. Constantly hopping from one technology to another might seem enticing, but it can lead to a superficial understanding of multiple technologies without truly mastering any.

Steve Poole echoes a similar sentiment. He proposes two potential paths for developers: becoming a technical "pond-skipper" who explores new technologies and jobs every few years or evolving into a deeply knowledgeable specialist in a specific technology. He emphasizes that neither path is inherently superior; it all depends on the individual's passion, preference, and what brings job satisfaction—however, he stresses job satisfaction, which is crucial for every developer.   

We have already hosted some enriching interviews, including:

As you can see, these interviews offer a plethora of insightful ideas that can guide developers at all stages of their careers.

Now, let's get to the exciting part! We're launching the "Java Unscripted" series, aimed at spotlighting influential personalities in the Java community. This series is a golden opportunity for you to share your journey, knowledge, and advice with the burgeoning developers of today.

The interviews will be conducted asynchronously via email or Slack, with a set of 8-10 questions sent to you one at a time. This approach allows you the flexibility to respond in your own time and provide as much detail as you wish. Your responses will be compiled into a weekly feature published on, along with your headshot. If we have enough interviews, we may even publish them in a book!

We'd be thrilled to have you if you're interested in contributing to this series. Please fill out this Google Form to provide some basic information and preferences for the interview process: Interview Participation Form

We eagerly look forward to hearing from you.

Embarking on this journey promises to be an enriching experience for our audience and a platform for you to reflect on your own journey, experiences, and insights. Furthermore, sharing your unique perspective could illuminate the path for many aspiring developers and tech enthusiasts, helping them make informed career decisions.

This is more than just an interview series; it's a conversation about the ever-evolving software industry, its challenges, and its opportunities. It's about creating a community where insights, experiences, and knowledge are shared to help each other grow.

So, let's get this conversation started! We can't wait to delve into your experiences and share them with our audience. The rich tapestry of your journey could be the guiding light for the next generation of software industry professionals.

We thank you in advance for your time and contribution to this community initiative, and we eagerly look forward to your participation.

Remember, your story matters, and it has the power to inspire!


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  • A N M Bazlur Rahman

    A N M Bazlur Rahman is a Software Engineer with over a decade of specialized experience in Java and related technologies. His expertise has been formally recognized through the prestigious ... Learn more

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