Author: Noopur Gupta

Noopur Gupta

Noopur Gupta is an open source enthusiast working as an advisory software engineer at IBM India Software Labs. She co-leads the Eclipse Java Development Tools project and is a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council. Noopur is a recognized conference speaker and thought leader in the Eclipse Java community. She is also a member of the ACM Future of Computing Academy instituted by ACM to empower the next generation of computing professionals.

  • Keeping Pace with Java Using Eclipse IDE

    The Java language has been evolving at a fast pace with a six month release cadence and preview features.

    With faster Java releases, it’s an exciting time to be a Java developer. Every new release of Java promises interesting features and updates.

    To give them a spin, you have the tooling support in Eclipse Java IDE ready at your disposal.

    Noopur Gupta
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