• Keeping Pace with Java Using Eclipse IDE

    The Java language has been evolving at a fast pace with a six month release cadence and preview features.

    With faster Java releases, it’s an exciting time to be a Java developer. Every new release of Java promises interesting features and updates.

    To give them a spin, you have the tooling support in Eclipse Java IDE ready at your disposal.

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  • Primitive Set Operations in Eclipse Collections

    Eclipse Collections has a rich assortment of data structures, and one of them is a Set.

    Recently, I worked on an issue to implement union, intersect, and difference operations in sets for primitive types.

    The sections below cover each operation’s objective, design considerations, and code implementation.

    The last section covers the takeaways.

    Sirisha Pratha
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  • Why You Should Join EclipseCon Community Day

    EclipseCon Community Day is on Monday, October 19 14:00 to 18:00 CET (the day before the start of the main EclipseCon conference).

    Community Day at EclipseCon has always been a great event for Eclipse working groups and project teams. This year both EclipseCon and Community Day is virtual and free. Space for Community Day is limited, so please register and save your spot soon.

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