• Virtual Tour Is Biggest Project Yet For New Java Community Platform Foojay

    Fifteen events are already confirmed in an ambitious virtual tour of Java User Groups across the globe, marking a strong start for new Java community platform Foojay. was founded last year as a vendor-neutral platform for developers who create and run applications on top of Java and OpenJDK. It is designed to provide free information on all things Java, with updated analysis, highlights, OpenJDK update release details, and command line arguments hosted on its website.

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  • Schedule for Foojay Virtual JUG Tour

    As announced last month, to celebrate the OpenJDK and as a vendor-neutral community platform for its users, we’re kicking off the Virtual Foojay JUG Tour to be held throughout March and April.

    And here’s the schedule, note that it will change as more meetups are confirmed, and if your JUG is missing, i.e., you’d like to still be included in the tour, no worries, let’s see what can be done, simply contact JFrog’s Ari Waller (ariw at jfrog dot com), Foojay’s Event Manager, and specify a date and time (and preferred topics) for March or April.

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  • Friends of OpenJDK Schedule at FOSDEM 2021

    Subject to change, here’s the schedule for FOSDEM 2021, which will be a virtual event this year on 6 and 7 February, for the Friends of OpenJDK devroom.

    It features a range of great speakers on a variety of interesting topics related to the daily usage of Java in the real world.

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