JMC 8.0.1 Released!

The 8.0.1-ga tag was just set in the jmc8 repository on GitHub. This is a patch update release, and will therefore not include any new features.

The 8.0.1 release contains the following fixes:

Jira Issue Summary
7188 JMC fails to dump file and gets stuck when flightrecording is attempted on jmxremote connection
7172 Fix spell mistake in secure store class
6920 UI improvements
6336 Remove Triple DES Cipher in Secure store
6398 Better JNDI Usage

It is up to individual vendors to release binaries of JMC 8.0.1, and some vendors already have binary builds available, for example Oracle.

The next upcoming source release is JMC 8.1.0, which will contain new features and enhancements. The planned source release date for JMC 8.1.0 is the 2nd of August 2021.


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