• Java Thread Programming (Part 1)

    We write code in a file line by line, and then it gets executed. To be able to execute a piece of code requires an execution environment. In Java, a thread is an executing environment. If a program has only one executing environment, then we call this program a single-threaded program.

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  • Deep Dive Into Multi-Threading in Java

    Multi-threading represents a very intriguing topic, even after years of research and development for high quality, robust, and efficient software. With equal emphasis on hardware improvements and the software that runs on it – we have newer paradigms for parallelism.

    The most important yet basic concepts are the ones which I present here. I then explain the intricacies of multi-threading in the Java programming language. Some of these are newer features and supported only from the Java Platform Standard Edition 5.0. Let us start with a quick overview and understanding of the core concepts.

    Sumith Kumar Puri
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