Author: Zoran Sevarac

Zoran Sevarac

Artificial intelligence software developer, entrepreneur, Java Champion, and researcher. Creator of the most popular and award winning educational Java open source neural network software—Neuroph and Deep Netts.

  • Deep Learning in Java for Drug Discovery

    I see tremendous potential for Deep Netts in the drug discovery pipeline and I feel it is necessary to share Deep Netts existence with the scientific community.

    As a Java developer, I have especially come to appreciate having a tool in my language that I could immediately use out of the box and not have to add on weeks, or even months, of training in order to become proficient in another language.

    Oscar Bastidas, Zoran Sevarac
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  • Quick Start with Machine Learning in Java

    So you’re a Java developer and you want to do some machine learning. Some of the questions that you might be wondering about are — what can machine learning do for me anyway, which library to use, which algorithm, and is there some common standard API?

    Here is an example of Java code based on the VisRec API to build and use a classifier. Without any explanations, it should be clear to you what is happening.

    Zoran Sevarac
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