Use Cases

  • Querying Your In-Memory-Data-Grid: Why and How?

    In this post, we went through several core concepts covering querying your data on Hazelcast.

    It makes sense to query your in-memory data because data access is fast.

    By default, Hazelcast offers the Criteria API; you can use SQL as an alternative.

    Use indexes judiciously to speed up your queries.

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  • A Real-World Example of a Stream Collector

    You can solve most use cases with one of the out-of-the-box collectors provided in the Collectors class.

    However, some require to implement a custom Collector, e.g., when you need to collect more than a single collection or a single scalar.

    While it may seem complicated if you never developed one before, it’s not. You only need a bit of practice.

    I hope this article might help you with it!

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  • Creating CAD Applications with Java and JavaFX

    Some days ago I finished a CAD application whose purpose is to calculate the energy efficiency of Dwellings (or multiple Dwellings). It can be seen as an application similar to Autocad (which is used in Civil Engineering, Architecture, etc) but with the specific purpose to do energy efficiency assessment.

    I believe, having a good UX, features users have been dying to have, good, well structured code that lets you continuously evolve and better maintain what you already have and finally topping all that with a nice looking user interface, are the markers to a successful application. I think we’ve been able to score high in all those markers.

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