• VS Code Java August Updates: SpringOne Updates, UX Improvements, Community Feedback

    Welcome to the August edition of the Visual Studio Code Java update!

    In this article, we are going to share some exciting updates from the SpringOne 2021 conference, as well as various user experience improvements.

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  • Annotation-free Spring

    Some, if not most, of our judgments regarding technology stacks come either from third-party opinions or previous experiences. Yet, we seem to be adamant about them!

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    • Spring

    Better Error Handling for Your Spring Boot REST APIs

    One of the things that distinguishes a decent API from one that is a pleasure to work with is robust error handling. Nothing is more frustrating than using some API and getting back cryptic errors where you can only guess why the server is not accepting your request.

    Spring Boot lets you customize the error handling for your application, but there is quite a lot of low-level coding involved if you want to do this correctly.

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  • Creating a Simple Spring Boot Application in IntelliJ IDEA

    In this tutorial, we’ll use the New Project Wizard in IntelliJ IDEA to create a Spring Boot project with the Spring Web dependency.

    We’ll also create a Spring Controller and served some text to the local Tomcat webserver.

    Finally, we’ll add a test for our HTTP call.

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  • Building Microservices with Spring Boot Fat (Uber) Jar

    In most minds, microservices is an approach to make a traditional monolithic system more structured, dividing it into logical components that correspond to different functional areas of application.

    Thus, acting as a microservice, each component becomes self-contained, easily scaled, maintained and even upgraded without affecting the overall system.

    Also, with a microservice architecture, you can use a software written in different programming languages, including Java.

    Such freedom attracts but may frighten at the same time.

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    • Spring

    Running Spring Boot Applications on OpenShift

    Learn how to deploy a Spring Boot application on OpenShift (Minishift).

    Cloud platforms have dramatically changed the way we develop and deploy modern applications. Not so long ago, everything was on-premise infra. However, things have changed dramatically over the years. Now, there are a number of vendors offering solutions for different cloud computing models, i.e., Saas, Paas, and Iaas.

    This article will cover Openshift developed by Redhat, which comes under the Paas cloud computing model.

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    • Spring

    Monitoring Across Frameworks: Spring Boot, Micronaut, Quarkus, and Helidon

    Gone are the times when developers’ jobs ended with the release of the application. Nowadays, developers care more and more about the operational side of IT: perhaps they operate applications themselves, but more probably, their organizations foster increased collaboration between Dev and Ops.

    I started to become interested in the Ops side of software when I was still a consultant. When Spring Boot released the Actuator, I became excited. Via its convention-over-configuration nature, it was possible to add monitoring endpoints with just an additional dependency.

    Since then, other frameworks have popped up. They also provide monitoring capabilities. In this article, I’d like to compare those frameworks concerning those capabilities.

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    • Spring

    Containerizing Spring Boot Applications with Jib

    In this post, we will learn about how to create Docker or OCI compliant images, without installing any Docker client and without using a Dockerfile, for a Spring Boot application.

    Other benefits of using Jib for your Java applications include that it’s super easy to integrate with Java applications, producing faster builds, reproducible builds, community support, etc.

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    • Spring

    Spring Boot: Strategy Design Pattern – Convenience and Limitation

    You might have already used the strategy pattern in relationship with Spring Boot where it is very convenient to use.

    With a few changes in your code we can easily solve the problem of having different strategies which using the same keys in our code.

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