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JUG PH: Continuing the Connection with the Java Enthusiasts

September 05, 2023 Java User Group Philippines Meetup #2 and #3


Continuing the connection with the Java Enthusiasts and the efforts of Java User Group Philippines (JUG PH), we finished our 2nd and 3rd meetup last June and August 2023.

This is the JUG PH Continuation Report of the revitalized report here:

The speakers of these meetups were composed of Tristan Mahinay, the JUG PH Leader and Yee Kang Chang, an IBM Architect and Developer Advocate.


Every meetup the JUG PH Leaders will introduce its sponsors. The sponsors for these meetups as always were Azul Systems, Orange and Bronze Philippines and JetBrains.

The JUG PH is very thankful for these sponsors as they are vital to the continuation of the meetups at Makati City.

The meetup announced the availability of Incub8 Space by Kerby Martino as a meetup place in the Souther Luzon Area. The coworking space is headquartered at Kawit, Cavite, Philippines. In the future, the user group will have events in this area catering in-person or online

Meetup #2 and #3

Quarkus and OpenShift Development

This meetup is all about Quarkus and OpenShift Development. The speaker did an introduction on what is Quarkus and had a live demonstration on how to code the fundamentals of the framework and the seamless experience in deploying to RedHat OpenShift.

The audience were very curious on how Quarkus works and the benefits they can get if it will be used on their organization. In this session, they were familiarized with creation of a simple Quarkus service, the Dev UI, the Dev Services and the connection of the application as a pod to the database inside RedHat OpenShift.

Below is the official speaker poster for this event.

You can check the presentation of this meetup here: Quarkus and OpenShift Development


The presentation was formally called Cloud-native Java innovations that matter with Open Liberty. In this meetup, Yee Kang Chang explained what is Open Liberty and its features. He walkthrough us on its capability for seamless development, cloud-native deployment and differences to other Jakarta EE frameworks. He demonstrated on how to code a simple service using Open Liberty.

Some of its notable features were the JIT-as-a-Service in Semeru, Liberty InstantOn and Liberty Operators.

At the end of the session, we had a group photo together with Yee Kang and the folks onsite.

Below is the official speaker poster for this event.

You can check the presentation of this meetup here: Cloud-native Java innovations that matter with Open Liberty

Continuing the initiative

As of today the JUG PH already completed a total of 3 meetups using a hybrid setup.

This meetups were essential as it gives our Filipino Java Enthusiasts the knowledge of Modern Java Development.

Soon, we will incorporate the use of Artifical Intelligence for Java in one of the talks. Stay tune for our future meetups!


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