• The Flatten Maven plugin

    You don’t need to wait until the release of Maven 5; we can use the Maven Flatter Plugin to between build POM and consumer POM. It’s a freebie; consider using it if you are a library developer.

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  • Faster Maven Builds (Part 2): Inside Docker

    Following on from different techniques to fasten your Maven builds, I’d like to widen the scope and do the same for Maven builds inside Docker.

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  • Faster Maven Builds (Part 1)

    I want to detail some techniques you can leverage to make your Maven builds faster in this article. The next article will focus on how to do the same inside of Docker.

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  • Creating a JavaFX World Clock from Scratch (Part 4)

    Hello and welcome to Part 4 of a series of blog entries on how I created a “sci-fi” looking world clock using JavaFX. If you are new to this series you can visit Part 1, 2, & 3.

    If you’ve been following me to this point take a moment to stand up, breath, take a bow and then pat yourself on the back. You are more than half way through the series.

    In Part 4 I will be fast forwarding my progress of the JFX World Clock and jump right into how to build and create an installer that you can distribute. I will be using a new Java build tool called Bach by Christian Stein @sormuras. Later on, I will also show you my original build approach using the Maven build tool.

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