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  • Startup Speed of Spring and Quarkus JARs on the Raspberry Pi

    For my book “Getting Started with Java on Raspberry Pi”, an example was described to store sensors and measurements in an H2-database through REST APIs with a Spring application on the Raspberry Pi.

    The application takes some time to start on a Raspberry Pi, and Adam Bien who does the podcast, asked me if I could compare this to a similar Quarkus application, which resulted in some nice results.

  • What’s New in Java 15?

    Now that Java 15 has been released, let’s take a look at what’s new!

    Here on foojay, the fixes that went into the release are listed, giving you a unique and readable changelog in helpful categories, with the invitation for you to vote on those that are most relevant to you

  • What is JVM Bytecode?

    Everyone who programs in Java, or any of the other languages built on top of the Java Virtual Machine (Scala, Closure, Kotlin, Groovy, Nashorn, Jython, JRuby, et al.) is familiar with the term “bytecode.”

    But how many of us understand what JDK bytecode actually is?

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