• New to IntelliJ IDEA? Me Too!

    Until recently, I last wrote Java in anger in 2002. IntelliJ IDEA had just been released; it wasn’t remotely on my radar. I honestly can’t remember what IDE we were using back then, but it certainly was a very long way to the fully featured IDE that JetBrains produce today.

    Here’s my personal experience of using IntelliJ IDEA for the first time.

    Helen Scott
  • Electronics & Quarkus Qute on Raspberry Pi

    The “Hello World” version of electronics programming is a blinking LED. But, in this post, we will go a few steps further and control 8 LEDs inside a number display.

    Igor De Souza, Dublin based Principal Big Data Consultant at Oracle, set up an interesting experiment in which he combines a LED number display with the Raspberry Pi and Quarkus.

    Frank Delporte
  • A Simple Service with Spring Boot

    I will demonstrate how to create a simple Web Service using Spring Boot.  This framework makes it almost effortless to develop web services, so long as the appropriate dependencies are in place.

    In this example, I will create a Web Service that will read the current temperature from a file and make it available to clients via a RESTful endpoint.

    Josh Juneau
    Josh Juneau

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