• JavaFX: Gluon Status Update, Dual Screen on Raspberry Pi Sample, IntelliJ New JavaFX Project Wizard

    Since Java switched to a 6-month release cycle, JavaFX has done the same, so next version will be number 17.

    Keep in mind, although Java and JavaFX are on the same version-number, you can still use Java 11 and combine it with the JavaFX 17 runtime if you want to benefit from its improvements. Up till now, there were no breaking changes in either of the frameworks which force you to use a Java-version higher than 11.

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  • Starting a JavaFX Project with Gluon Tools

    Here on you can already find two posts by Carl Dea to get you started with JavaFX.

    In this post, I want to show you yet another approach that uses the tools provided by Gluon, who are the maintainers, and the driving force behind OpenJFX.

    The Gluon start website and the plugin allow you to get started with a new JavaFX project in a few clicks.

    Thanks to the amazing work done by the Gluon team this also gives you a quick-start for the creation of a mobile application which can be built for both Android and iOS.

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    • Gluon

    Cross-Platform Development in Java with Gluon and GraalVM (Part 2)

    Gluon is a company that enables Java on desktop, embedded, and mobile with a rich, full-featured, JavaFX user interface.

    Gluon embeds GraalVM and brings GraalVM to an audience hungry for performance and full-featured user experiences.

    Gluon enables seamless cloud integration of mobile and embedded experiences, driving increased cloud consumption.

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    • Gluon

    Cross-Platform Development in Java with Gluon and GraalVM (Part 1)

    Gluon has invested heavily in R&D to create a full technology stack over the past five years. Gluon now offers a complete end-to-end Java solution, enabling Java developers to work productively on a secure and mature platform.

    In short: Gluon is the company you’re looking for if you want an end-to-end Java solution. Gluon offers products that fit right into your company’s architecture.

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