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Is Java/Jakarta EE Cloud-Native?

August 18, 2021

In this myth-busting webinar, Steve Millidge (founder of Payara), shows you that Java/Jakarta EE IS Cloud-native and can handle microservices and containers in the Cloud.

In this webinar, learn:

  • What is Cloud-Native?
  • How Jakarta EE (Java EE) applications run securely in the Cloud
  • Why you should build applications, not runtimes
  • How to keep your runtime easily up-to-date
  • Learn about an upcoming project, Payara Cloud, that separates the deployment from the runtime to make running Jakarta EE applications on the cloud even easier

If you’ve been hearing that Java/Jakarta EE is not Cloud-native or it’s difficult to get your Java/Jakarta EE applications running in the Cloud, watch this webinar to see why that’s not true and how you can continue using your existing Java/Jakarta EE development skills to modernize your application development!



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    Jadon Ortlepp

    Digital Marketing Coordinator working for Payara who has been involved in the Java space since 2017. Very much enjoys collaborating on projects and events with other individuals and organisations. Including ... Learn more

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