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Java Predictions for 2021: Raspberry Pi

December 26, 2020



To celebrate the world of Java and predict some highlights for 2021, several key Foojay participants will share their thoughts and hopes during the coming days on Foojay, starting with Frank Delporte, Foojay Community Manager for the Raspberry Pi.

Looking back to my Java adventures in 2020, I can only conclude it has been a wonderful journey.

By writing my book “Getting Started with Java on the Raspberry Pi” ( and blogging for, I discovered Java in the embedded world has a very bright future. With the 6-month release cycle of both Java and JavaFX, a lot of improvements and new features that impact the use of Java on Raspberry Pi, are introduced with every new version.

The Gluon and GraalVM-teams are key players pushing Java(FX) to be the one and only “write once, run everywhere” platform, including all mobile and embedded platforms.

I’m convinced 2021 will bring a lot of new products and applications running on inexpensive but powerful hardware like the Raspberry Pi.

Using JavaFX to build beautiful user interfaces could be the key to introduce more Java (and other) developers into the amazing world of embedded and electronics.

Together with the long-awaited new version of Pi4J (, with full support for the latest Java and Raspberry Pi's, a lot of new opportunities will arise.

Oh, and definitely don't forget to keep an eye on FXGL ( This JavaFX Game Development Framework will prove to cover much more than gaming!

Tip: Watch an inspiring interview below with Frank, by Almas Baimagambetov, from the FXGL project!


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    Frank Delporte

    Frank Delporte (@frankdelporte) is a Java developer, technical writer at Azul, blogger, author of "Getting started with Java on Raspberry Pi", and contributor to Pi4J. Frank blogs about his experiments ... Learn more

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