JReleaser 0.5.0 Released!

JReleaser v0.5.0 has been released!

JReleaser is a tool that streamlines creating releases for [Java] projects. It can create a GitHub/GitLab/Gitea release, while also packaging binaries for Homebrew, Snapcraft, Docker, Chocolatey, Scoop, JBang and, more than that, announces releases to Twitter, SdkMan!, e-mail, Zulip, Discord, Gitter, Slack, Teams, and more.

In this release you'll find updates and features such as:

  • Support for two additional distribution types: NATIVE_PACKAGE and BINARY. The first type enables artifacts of type .dmg, .pkg, .deb, .rpm, .msi, .exe to be used with packagers (currently Homebrew); the second type enables non-Java distributions as long as they provide an executable or launcher script.
  • The Homebrew packager supports generating casks for .dmg and .pkg artifacts.
  • Artifacts of distributions of type NATIVE_IMAGE must now be packaged as zip file; the nativeImage assembler has been updated to produce zip files.
  • The Sdkman announcer can publish distributions of type JLINK and NATIVE_IMAGE.
  • Speaking of announcers, there are two brand new announcers, the first is Google ChatBot, the second is for generic incoming webhooks.
  • When updating a Git release you can now choose a combination of title, body, assets.

Full changelog can be found at the v0.5.0 release page.

More information about the tool can be found at https://jreleaser.org.


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