• Creating a JavaFX World Clock from Scratch (Part 5)

    Hello, and welcome back to this series of articles on creating a JavaFX world clock.

    In Part 5 below, we will be looking at JavaFX’s WebView API to display an HTML Web page containing a 2D map (Mercator projection).

    To render the 2D map I will be using the popular Leaflet JS library. This will enable the World Clock App to let the user explore map locations based on GPS coordinates (latitude & longitude).

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  • Map, Equals, Hashcode Java Challenge

    Understanding deeply how to use a Map, equals, and hashcode in Java will be a massive help for you to create high-quality code.

    The Map and object reference concepts are not only present in the Java language but in almost all programming languages.

    Therefore, if you master the concept of object references, equals and hashcode, and Maps, you can apply this in other programming languages and master them far more easily.

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