• New Book: “Taming Thymeleaf”

    Spring Boot is heavily promoted as the best way to write REST API’s in Java, but it can also be used as a very good alternative to Laravel/PHP, Rails/Ruby, or Django/Python to write server-side rendered HTML for Java developers.

    When combining the ease of use of Spring Boot with the power of Java and the easy templating of Thymeleaf, you have a very powerful combination that makes Java developers extremely productive to write web applications.

    The book Taming Thymeleaf teaches you step-by-step how to get started with those technologies and build a fully fledged web application including security, validation, internationalization, testing and more.

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  • Controlling an LCD Display with Spring and Thymeleaf on the Raspberry Pi

    Igor De Souza shares on his blog a lot fun and inspirational experiments with Java on Raspberry Pi. Some of those were already shared here on

    This time we want to highlight his work which combines a web app made with Spring and Thymeleaf, to control an LCD display connected to a Raspberry PI.

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