What is JVM Bytecode?

Everyone who programs in Java, or any of the other languages built on top of the Java Virtual Machine (Scala, Closure, Kotlin, Groovy, Nashorn, Jython, JRuby, et al.) is familiar with the term “bytecode.”

But how many of us understand what JDK bytecode actually is?

Kevin Farnham
  • Is Java Still an ‘Emerging Technology’?

    Developers can simply use the Java Virtual Machine as the basis of their new languages and technology. This means that any advances in the JVM will automatically advance the proficiency and efficacy of any program developed in any JVM language. This is why recent developments that increase the performance of the open source OpenJDK are pertinent to the entire spectrum of developers and companies who utilize the Java JVM platform.

    Is Java still an ’emerging technology’? Yes. Every advance in creating a better performing JVM will increase the performance of every program ever developed in any JVM language.

    Kevin Farnham

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