Jadon Ortlepp
Community manager Jadon Ortlepp

Digital Marketing Coordinator working for Payara who has been involved in the Java space since 2017. Very much enjoys collaborating on projects and events with other individuals and organisations. Including Marketing committee activities for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile.

  • Evolution of Microservices

    For some time now, there has been an undeniable growth in interest for Microservices. The core concept itself, however, is not that new.

    Microservices are an architectural type that builds on (mostly) RESTful web services. Where RESTful web services, in general, can be used for just about anything, for instance, to expose an API to external users, Microservices are specifically dedicated to be independent business services that together form a suite of such services that make up an application.

    Jadon Ortlepp
    Jadon Ortlepp
  • What’s New in the Payara Platform October Release?

    We’re happy to announce that Payara Platform Community 5.2020.5 (direct download here) and Payara Platform Enterprise 5.22.0 (request here) Editions are out!

    With this major release of Payara Platform Enterprise, we’re introducing Payara InSight: a new and improved version of the Community Edition’s Monitoring Console. Enterprise Edition also features some tooling enhancements including IntelliJ support and NetBeans Community Tooling.

    Jadon Ortlepp
    Jadon Ortlepp

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