• Payara Platform October 2021 Survey

    We are inviting all Payara Platform community users to answer a few questions about your use of the Payara Platform and ecosystem components!

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  • JavaFX: June 2021 Community Update

    In order for any technology to grow and improve, community support and feedback are paramount.

    To get a general idea of what the community would like to see in JavaFX in the future, I have asked developers to share their thoughts. The collated results are given below.

    Each entry also includes links to open-source libraries and other resources that may provide (or help develop) some of the necessary functionalities.

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    New JVM Ecosystem Report 2021 Has Arrived!

    Snyk has just released the annual JVM ecosystem report! This report presents the results of the largest annual survey on the state of the JVM ecosystem.

    This year’s survey is a cooperation between Snyk and Azul and was slightly different from the previous surveys.

    We aimed for the survey to be more concise and focus only on the most important aspects of JVM developers today. Additionally, this year every participant was allowed to choose multiple options. We believe that the way the 2021 survey was designed, we have a better and more comprehensive view of the current JVM ecosystem. In this report, we also looked at different open data sources like GitHub and Google Trends to see how that data compares to the survey results.

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  • 2021 Jakarta EE Developer Survey

    This is the fourth Jakarta EE Developer Survey, so it is safe to say that it has become an annual tradition and is your chance to influence the direction of the Jakarta EE working group.

    The survey last year had more than 2000 responses from individuals around the World. Let’s beat that number this year!

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    Java Ecosystem Survey 2021

    Just like in 2020, Snyk is creating a comprehensive Java 2021 report that reflects the state of the JVM ecosystem.

    Together with our partner Azul, we would like your input on how you use Java and the JVM ecosystem.

    By submitting your answers to this survey, you are not only helping the community by sharing your data, but you can also help our charity goal for this year.

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  • Payara Platform 2021 Survey

    The Payara Platform 2021 Survey is underway and we’re inviting everyone to answer a few questions about your use of the Payara Platform and ecosystem components.

    We want to know what you like, what you want to see improved, and we’re giving you the opportunity to vote on new features you’d like to see added to the Payara Platform.

    Your survey  answers help drive future development efforts for the Payara Platform.

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  • 5 Minute Azure Survey: Java EE, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile

    The Azure team at Microsoft has been strengthening its commitment and outreach to the Jakarta EE, Java EE, and MicroProfile communities.

    Please help by filling out a quick survey. The survey attempts to understand the common use cases we need to cover in order to best serve your needs.

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