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Program manager at Developer Division of Microsoft, based in Shanghai. I have worked on a variety of products at Microsoft, Commerce Platform, Mixed Reality and Developers tools. Before I joined Microsoft, I worked at Nokia Research Center in Helsinki as a research engineer and at Nokia Mobile Phone in Beijing as a software architect, and also served China UnionPay's mobile department as a product manager for a short period of time.

  • New Java Welcome Page for VS Code

    A common thing at first-time use is spending a couple of minutes browsing the Welcome Page and trying features from there.

    Users’ satisfaction with the Welcome Page has a direct reflection on their satisfaction with the product and consequently affects their decision of adoption. Therefore, we believe it’s worth the effort to experiment with a refreshed Java Welcome Page.

    Our new design focuses on three things: help users find the most important features, get started for the first project, and access references.

    Yaojin Yang
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  • Java Testing with VS Code

    In our last post, we talked about starting a new Java project and running and debugging it with VS Code. In this post, we will cover testing.

    To run Java tests on VS Code, we recommend using the Java Test Runner extension or the Java Extension Pack, which includes the extension. The extension supports the JUnit4, JUnit5, and TestNG frameworks.

    Yaojin Yang
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  • Java Development with VS Code on the Raspberry Pi

    Recently we published a full getting started guide for Java with VS Code together with a list of tips and plugins for Java development with Visual Studio Code.

    But… did you know you can also use it on the ARM-processor-powered Raspberry Pi?

    Until recently this was not available in an official version for the Raspberry Pi, but luckily Microsoft decided to release new versions with installers for both 32-bit and 64-bit Raspberry Pis.

    Let’s install and test them!

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  • Welcome to VS Code for Java

    On Java, thanks to the investments communities and Microsoft have been constantly making, VS Code has been used by more and more Java developers to edit, build, run, debug, test and deploy their code and manage their projects, and by more and more students and educators to learn and teach Java language.

    In this article, I will walk you through how to get started for Java on VS Code.

    Yaojin Yang
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