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Latest post Resolving Git Merge Conflicts in IntelliJ IDEA

At some point in your career, probably many points, you’ll have to resolve merge conflicts. A common cause of merge conflicts is when you’re working on a feature branch…

  • Helen Scott
September 21, 2022
  • Setting up and Working with Apache Tomcat in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

    Learn how to set up IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate to work with Apache Tomcat for new and existing projects.

    • Helen Scott
    May 10, 2022
  • Migrating from Java EE to Jakarta EE with IntelliJ IDEA

    In this post we’re going to migrate some sample code from the `javax` namespace to `jakarta` using IntelliJ IDEA’s migration tool.

    • Helen Scott
    April 08, 2022
  • Working with Multiple Carets in IntelliJ IDEA

    Sometimes you need to modify multiple lines of code on separate lines inside IntelliJ IDEA with the same change.

    The fastest way to achieve that is with multiple carets that are either stacked vertically in a list, placed at the end of each line or positioned exactly where you want them in your code.

    • Helen Scott
    November 14, 2021
  • Everyday Shortcuts in IntelliJ IDEA

    Let’s take a look at some of my favourite keyboard shortcuts in IntelliJ IDEA.

    It’s really helpful to use keyboard shortcuts because it speeds you up and keeps you in the flow of coding!

    • Helen Scott
    September 06, 2021
  • Creating a Simple Spring Boot Application in IntelliJ IDEA

    In this tutorial, we’ll use the New Project Wizard in IntelliJ IDEA to create a Spring Boot project with the Spring Web dependency.

    We’ll also create a Spring Controller and served some text to the local Tomcat webserver.

    Finally, we’ll add a test for our HTTP call.

    • Helen Scott
    May 31, 2021
  • New to Java? Some Resources

    I was asked if I had a list of resources for developers who are new to Java. I didn’t at the time, but I’ve spent some time researching and here is that list.

    I’ve listed content that is both free and paid. It’s not that one type is superior; it’s just to give you plenty of choices. These are the resources that I’ve used and do still use to re-learn Java. So, if you’re new to Java or looking to pick it up again after a break, this article is for you.

    The other super important point is that everyone learns differently; some like reading, some like doing, some like watching, most of us like a bit of a mix of everything. I tend to switch between them depending on what I want to learn about and how I feel. You’re probably similar, so pick an approach that works for you.

    • Helen Scott
    April 30, 2021
  • IntelliJ IDEA Changelists and Git Staging

    Since the release of IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3, there are now two ways to manage your commits to Git.

    The first one is with IntelliJ IDEA Changelists and the second is with Git staging.

    This blog will take you through both approaches and highlight the differences.

    • Helen Scott
    April 16, 2021
  • Generating Code with IntelliJ IDEA

    One of the super cool things about IntelliJ IDEA is how much code you can generate with minimum effort.

    There’s a Generate menu in IntelliJ IDEA that you can access with ⌘N on macOS and Alt+Insert on Windows and Linux.

    Here’s a quick tour of some of the places where you can use it in Java projects in IntelliJ IDEA.

    • Helen Scott
    February 10, 2021
  • 3 Ways to Refactor Your Code in IntelliJ IDEA

    In this blog, we’re going to look at 3 ways to refactor your code in IntelliJ IDEA.

    Simplifying your code has lots of advantages, including improving readability, tackling technical debt, and managing ever-changing requirements. The three types of refactoring we will look at in this blog are:

    – Extracting and Inlining
    – Change Signature
    – Renaming

    • Helen Scott
    January 12, 2021
  • IntelliJ IDEA Made Me Lazy

    I haven’t always been lazy; it’s a fairly recent addition to my repertoire of skills. And do you know who I blame? I blame IntelliJ IDEA. I used to check that I’d completed a statement correctly, I used to look at javadoc, I used to check I’d closed my parentheses correctly, but now I don’t give things a second glance.

    Being lazy isn’t a bad thing, it’s an efficiency gain that allows me to focus on the things that matter, which isn’t checking my parentheses are correct or remembering to put a semi-colon after my statement. No, it’s taking time for myself and those around me. Sure, it’s IntelliJ IDEA’s fault, but I am happy that we’re here!

    • Helen Scott
    November 24, 2020
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