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Why Many Developers Don’t Write or Give Talks and How to Overcome Challenges

January 11, 2023


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    A N M Bazlur Rahman

    A N M Bazlur Rahman is a Software Engineer with over a decade of specialized experience in Java and related technologies. His expertise has been formally recognized through the prestigious ... Learn more

I asked on Twitter and LinkedIn why many developers don’t write or give talks, and I was amused by the response I received. This article is about that.

The problems:

It turns out, developers do not write blogs or give presentations for a variety of reasons. Some developers may believe they lack interesting experiences or information to share or that they are not experts in their profession. Others may be shy or fearful of public speaking. Due to their hectic schedules, individuals may not have time to write about or discuss their jobs, which is another reason.

Fear of making errors or being criticized is prevalent in the comments. Furthermore, many engineers may be apprehensive about being seen as an "impostor" and may not want to show their own flaws or lack of understanding. Language hurdles may be a cause of concern for persons who are not native English speakers, therefore, this issue may be more acute for them.

Other prominent reasons for not writing or speaking about their work were procrastination, a lack of inspiration and confidence, and simply not having enough time. Some developers may also believe that they are too focused on their daily tasks and lack the energy or desire to share their expertise with others.

In the comment threads on LinkedIn, Shai Almog and Bruno Souza had a thought-provoking conversation.

Shai says there are three reasons why it might be hard for introverts to write and share blogs:
They may have complex relationships with others, writing blogs requires a different skill set than programming, and finding inspiration and confidence can be challenging.

On the other hand, Bruno says that being an introvert can help you write good content because introverts tend to pay more attention to other people and are good listeners. They also talk about how hard it is to get noticed for writing and suggest that shy people start by writing for their team or close friends before sharing with a broader audience.

The benefits:

However, many of the people who answered, though, said that the benefits of sharing one's knowledge and experiences with others are well worth the effort, even if it takes time and practice to get better at writing or public speaking.

And I agree with that. There are several compelling reasons why one should write or speak.

  1. Sharing knowledge and experiences. Developers may share their expertise and experiences with others by writing blogs or delivering presentations, which can benefit both the writer and the reader. It could be a way for the writer to think about their work and make sure they really understand the topic. It may bring valuable insights and learning opportunities to the reader.
  2. Getting better at communicating. Writing and talking about technical topics can help you get better at communicating, which is important for every developer. It might help them explain complicated ideas in a clear and concise way to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  3. Networking and getting a better job. Developers may be able to connect with people in their area and grow their professional network by blogging and giving presentations. It is a chance to demonstrate their skills while also opening up new job prospects.
  4. Community building. Sharing information and experiences may also help the development community by creating a culture of sharing and working together. It may help developers generate a sense of community and support.
  5. Personal growth. Publishing and speaking about one's work might be a unique chance for developers to flourish. It might help people think about their own lives, find ways to improve, and feel good about what they've done.


Now that we all know the benefits, the question becomes: how do we start?

  1. Start small: If you're new to writing or speaking about your work, it can be helpful to start small. This could mean writing short articles or giving small talks to colleagues or friends. As you gain confidence and experience, you can gradually build up to larger audiences.
  2. Don't fear making mistakes: Mistakes can happen, and that's part of life. The good thing is, if you write something wrong, plenty of people will help you correct it, and you will be learning, which is a great reward.
  3. Find your niche: Identify the topics you are most passionate about or have the most expertise in, and focus on those when writing or speaking. This can help you feel more confident and make it easier to develop ideas.
  4. Share Knowledge with your team or friends: You don't need to start writing public posts right away. Instead, send a daily email to your team or maybe to your friends who you are comfortable with. In these emails, you can share things you think would be helpful for them and your project. If someone says your email was helpful, or if you particularly liked something you wrote, consider posting it on your blog for others to see.
  5. Practice and Practice: Like any skill, writing and speaking take practice. Setting aside time to write or prepare talks regularly can be helpful, even if it's just a few hours a week. This can help you improve your skills and become more comfortable with the process.
  6. Get feedback: Seeking feedback from others, whether it's from colleagues, friends, or editors, can be a great way to improve your writing and speaking. Don't be afraid to ask for constructive criticism; use it to improve your work.
  7. Be yourself: Finally, being authentic and genuine when writing or speaking about your work is essential. Feel free to let your personality shine and share your experiences and perspectives. This can do your writing and talks more relatable and engaging for your audience.


Even though it might be difficult, writing and speaking can provide numerous rewards that we all desire to reap.

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  • Avatar photo
    A N M Bazlur Rahman

    A N M Bazlur Rahman is a Software Engineer with over a decade of specialized experience in Java and related technologies. His expertise has been formally recognized through the prestigious ... Learn more

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