• Beginning JavaFX Applications with IntelliJ IDE

    This article is for the beginner who wants to get started developing JavaFX applications using IntelliJ IDE.

    While this article may seem elementary for some, I believe it can help newcomers to the JavaFX platform avoid some pitfalls and really hit the ground running.

    Carl Dea
  • Fantastic JVMs and Where to Find Them

    OpenJDK, being open sourced, has builds provided by plenty of vendors. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some vendors shipping supported versions of OpenJDK (in alphabetical order, distribution(s) in parenthesis):

    – AdoptOpenJDK
    – Alibaba (Dragonwell)
    – Amazon (Corretto)
    – Azul (Zulu, Zing)
    – BellSoft (Liberica)
    – Red Hat (Red Hat Builds of OpenJDK)
    – Oracle (Oracle JDK, Oracle OpenJDK)
    – SAP (SapMachine)

    Marcus Hirt
  • Fun with Flags: My Top 10 Resources for JVM Flags

    When I first started programming in Java and configuring my local environment, I came across mentions of JVM flags. I wanted to find out more about what options are available, what they do, and how to make use of them.

    Since resources on this topic are scattered and hard to find, I put together this consolidated list of places where JVM command line arguments are described in the hopes that others don’t have to scour the internet as I did to find these useful morsels.

    Betsy Rhodes
  • foojay: A Place for Friends of OpenJDK

    It’s exciting to have foojay as a place to provide information to everyday Java developers and to work collaboratively on evolving foojay content to provide commentaries on the latest Java developments.

    We’re actively looking for highly skilled and knowledgeable Java developers to join us (we are even hiring for that purpose) and our aim is for foojay to increasingly become a place of sharing reference materials and discussion throughout the Java industry.

    Geertjan Wielenga

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