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FXGL Game Engine 17 Released

January 03, 2022

Version 17 of the FXGL game engine brings a number of improvements in many areas. Key changes include:

  • FXGL source is now built with Java 17 and JavaFX 17.
  • The changelog is now automatically generated from commits.
  • Animated textures (sprite sheet animations) are now driven by the unified FXGL system, meaning you can use interpolators, play in reverse and many other supported features.
  • 3D skybox implementation.
  • DialogueContext object for storing data that is local to the context in which the dialogue is being run.
  • Improvements to avoid various crashes on the Raspberry Pi.

Auto-generated Changelog

The full changelog is given below.


  • kotlin 1.5.10 -> 1.5.32 commit
  • maven pmd plugin 3.13.0 -> 3.15.0 commit
  • base Java 17, switch to 17+dev-SNAPSHOT commit
  • javafx 16 ->, closes #1107 commit


  • added commit message guidelines for changelog generation commit
  • clarified release process commit


  • FXGL 17 intro commit
  • added transferFrom() to Inventory commit
  • new API to set time to animation directly and to build sequential animations commit
  • dialogue syntax check, show an error icon if there are incomplete paths, #651 commit
  • added showChoiceBox to DialogService, closes #1094 commit
  • added audioFileName support to nodes, #651 commit
  • bind debug camera to CTRL+8, to avoid issues with CTRL+C commit
  • added DialogueContext, #1116 commit
  • added bulk dialogue editor actions commit
  • undo (ctrl+z) is complete for main editor actions, #651 commit
  • added TimeComponent::copy, #1041 commit
  • Added draft skybox implementation commit
  • add Platform.EMBEDDED, #1079 commit
  • added public API to change render fill of FXGLPane, set default to White for consistency with native mode, #1085 commit
  • added randomColorHSB() commit
  • added embeddedShutdown() that allows restarting an FXGL instance without the need to exit JavaFX, added sample, #1075 commit


  • fixed non-uniform frame distribution for AnimationTexture, closes #1067 commit
  • fixed a bug that causes audio service to not load properly on embedded devices commit
  • fixed a bug that would cause FS access via gluon attach on embedded devices commit


  • internal refactor Inventory commit
  • clean up MDIWindow, closes #815 commit
  • remove redundant code, active is always false at that point, closes #1024 commit


  • ignore auto-generated changelog files commit


You can contribute to the development on GitHub.


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