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Foojay Podcast #4: Why So Many JDKs?

October 19, 2021

In this podcast, we explore the topic of why there are so many JDKs, how are they the same, and how they are different. We balance the Java perspective with a special guest from the Rust foundation to learn how a peer ecosystem works.

Quick summary—the role of Java as a central system runtime lead to multiple implementations and the companies that make different distributions offer support and sponsor different work. For example Azul and Microsoft worked on Apple M1, and Bellsoft and Microsoft worked on Alpine Musl. All JREs are compatible through the TCK and vendors work together on security patches for the entire ecosystem.


  • Simon Ritter, Deputy CTO of Azul Systems, making the Azul Platform, including the Azul Zulu builds of OpenJDK.
  • Dmitry Chuyko, Senior Performance Engineer of Bellsoft, making the Liberica builds of OpenJDK.
  • Bruno Borges, Product Manager Microsoft, making the Microsoft builds of OpenJDK and Temurin, Adoptium's builds of OpenJDK.
  • Ashley Williams, founder and open-source strategist for the Rust Foundation.
  • Erik Costlow, Developer Relations for Contrast Security, securing Java and non-Java applications.

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  • Avatar photo
    Erik Costlow

    Erik Costlow was Oracle’s principal product manager for Java 8 and 9, focused on security and performance. His security expertise involves threat modeling, code analysis, and instrumentation of security sensors. ... Learn more

  • Simon Ritter

    Deputy CTO at Azul Systems

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